A Selfie Of This Adorable Dog And His Owner Went Viral, Then The Police Saw It

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Dan Tillery and his long-time girlfriend had an idyllic relationship. They were living a happy life together outside of Detroit, Michigan, but there was one thing missing. The couple had always wanted to adopt a rescue dog and give it a loving home. When they met Diggy, it was love at first sight and the couple knew they were the ones who could give him the forever home he deserved. But little did they know, a harmless photo of Dan and Diggy would go viral and cause a chain of events that no one saw coming, and would ultimately change their lives — and their town — forever.

Diggy Was A Stray Wandering the Detroit Streets

This story begins with Diggy. At the time he was found by the Animal Control Center, he was wandering the streets of Detroit. At just two years old, Diggy was malnourished, infested with fleas, and in desperate need of help. That’s when the Detroit Dog Rescue came to help.

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The Detroit Dog Rescue is a non-profit organization that focuses on raising awareness for the forgotten, homeless, and stray dogs in Detroit. The group also works to find these sweet pups caring homes.

But when they came to rescue Diggy, there was a problem.

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