Crock Pot Ham

Yay for Crock Pot Ham! This slow cooker spiral ham dish is my most requested recipe when friends visit for the holidays!

Crock pot ham is a major winner in our home. I don’t typically go nuts for ham, but I will eat this ham until I burst! Make sure you cook enough for leftovers because this makes the most amazing ham sandwiches ever.


Crock Pot Ham Ingredients

Spiral Cut Ham – We use bone in, and make sure you choose a pre-cooked ham.  Typically spiral cuts always are, but it doesn’t hurt to double check the package! CROCK POT HAMPlay Video

Honey – Whatever type of honey tickles your fancy is just fine for this recipe.  I love picking up different local honeys when we travel!

Dijon Mustard – Get the whole grain dijon mustard, I find it is more flavorful and also gives a beautiful look to the sauce.

Worcestershire Sauce – The video says soy sauce – ignore that! Unless you’re totally out of Worcestershire, in which case, it can be subbed in a pinch.  But ideally you want to use Worcestershire.

Garlic – I like fresh garlic for this slow cooker ham recipe, as it will provide the most robust flavor, but if you don’t have any on hand, pre-minced garlic from a jar is okay.

Seasoned Salt – My personal favorite seasoned salt is Lawry’s brand – if you have a different one you love, let me know in the comments!

Optional Garnish – We love to finish the ham with chopped parsley for both the bright flavor and color. Green onion or chives would be delicious as well.


How Do You Make Ham in a Crock Pot

First, whisk together all ingredients except ham – or if you prefer a smooth glaze, pulse in the blender to desired consistency.

Next, place ham in crock pot, and slowly pour glaze over ham, making sure to get some between each spiral slice. Lift ham to get glaze underneath as well.

Then, cook on low until heated through.

Finally, serve ham with chopped parsley, and additional glaze spooned over top.


Crock Pot Ham Preparation

How Do You Cook a Spiral Ham Without Drying It Out?

The key to keeping a spiral ham moist when you cook it is to make sure there is plenty of liquid in the cooking vessel and to keep it sealed. You want only want to reheat the ham, as a spiral ham is already cooked through, and doing so with steam is the best way to keep it moist and delicious.

In this crock pot ham recipe, the honey garlic glaze in the lidded slow cooker creates the perfect environment for a spectacularly moist and delicious result.

Can I Put Frozen Ham in the Crock Pot?

I know many folks swear by putting frozen meat in the slow cooker, but we (along with the USDA and the makers of slow cookers) do not suggest cooking frozen meat in the crock pot as otherwise it will be in the “danger zone” for too long.

The danger zone is the temperature at which meat and other food is at risk of growing dangerous and harmful bacteria.  Food should never be in the danger zone in excess of two hours.

How to Reheat Leftover Crock Pot Ham?

Leftover ham is best reheated in the microwave to avoid drying it out.  Spoon drippings over top, then microwave in 30 second increments until warmed through. Open Next Page To Continue Reading