Dogs’ most common behaviors explained

Those slobbery kisses, the scratching at the door… That’s right, we’re talking about living with dogs. Dogs have been a part of our families for 15,000 years. Today, there are over 300 registered breeds to choose from, and they really come in all shapes and sizes. It looks as though there really is a dog to suit every kind of person.

However, after all this time with a four-legged friend by our side there are still some common behaviors that we don’t quite understand. It looks as though a lot is going on in between those fluffy ears after all. it’s time to learn what they’ve been trying to tell us for so long as dogs’ most common behaviors are explained.

Why dogs chase their tails

Many of our furry friends have tails. When thinking of dogs it might not be unusual to picture one running around chasing and biting its extra limb, but why do they feel the need to run in circles after themselves? Most of the time, our four-legged friends are being playful. Chasing their tail is just a way for them to have some fun.

Why dogs chase their tails

On the other hand, they are born to hunt and track. Seeing their tail is like chasing down an animal in the wild and it could be your dog’s way of going back to their roots. However, it’s not uncommon for dogs to develop OCD, just like us humans. If your dog chases their tail all the time, it could be a sign they are stressed.

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