Flock Of Sheep Was Surrounded By Fire, Thankfully These Sheepdogs Saved The Day

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Living in the countryside sounds great for animals. Until wildfires consume forests and farms, forcing people and their animals leave their homes until they’re allowed to go back. In Canada, every year, thousands of people have to be evacuated when the wildfire season begins. Last year’s wildfires were the worst ones in British Columbia’s history.

But not even the elements could put down off two devoted dogs that didn’t want to abandon their jobs. Their owners were forced to leave 89 sheep and their two dogs behind…

Check out their incredible story!

20. Tad and Sophie


These two puffy dogs are not going to eagerly wait for houseguests and wait for tummy scratches. Tad and Sophie don’t like to sleep in their owners’ bed. What they really like to do is hang out with the sheep and protect them.

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