French Dip Crescents

I love a French Dip. I love a Crescent Roll. The two together? Marriage made in food heaven. No joke, folks. This is a good one. French Dip Crescents for the win!

French Dip Crescents with Easy Au Jus Recipe

If ever there was the perfect food where fancy met frugal and high brow met high fives, this French Dip Crescents Rolls recipe is it.

A harmonious (read = delicious) marriage of the classic French dip sandwich with the snacktasticness of crescent rolls and just a touch of prime rib for good measure.

There are never leftovers when I serve this (and while I don’t generally condone speaking in such definitives, I mean never quite literally).

How to make French Dip Crescent Rolls

So, I have to laugh a little about this recipe.  The idea for it came to me on one of those lingering trips to the grocery store right after my daughter (#4) was born.

You know, the ones where you finally get away by yourself and just can’t quite bear the idea of returning home to the chaos just yet.

Use Crescent Roll Dough for your French Dip Sandwiches
French Dip Crescents with Easy Au Jus

Anyway, I circled back around to the deli for the third (okay, fourth) time, and spotted the expensive lunch meat.  Which was decidedly out of budget at the time.  I was thinking nostalgically about our pre-baby long lunch days at a favorite local joint.

I always got the french dip. Mmmmm.

And *boom* there it was.  A moment of pure culinary genius.  When I got home with the ingredients, hubby did the “you spent way too much on unnecessary groceries” deep sigh, and I apologized profusely.

Because, it really wasn’t in the budget.  But I hustled, and got the recipe online, and we enjoyed the crescents and forgave ourselves for the small indulgence. Open Next Page To Continue Reading