My Mascarpone Buttercream frosting recipe is ultra creamy and smooth, not too sweet and showcases that beautiful, rich mascarpone flavor front & center!

Mascarpone Buttercream frosting

Mascarpone buttercream is one of those things that I had always wanted to try, but never did because good ol’ reliable cream cheese frosting was there for me. But, it wasn’t until I made lemon blueberry cupcakes that I questioned if cream cheese frosting was the right choice.

Now, hear me out, I LOVE cream cheese EVERYTHING, but I felt like cream cheese could overpower the delicate flavors of lemon & blueberries. Mascarpone popped into my head and BINGO!


Lemon + Blueberry + Mascarpone buttercream = cake trifecta of deliciousness.

Mascarpone Buttercream frosting

Cream cheese frosting used to be my all-time favorite…until I made this. The flavor is just SO much better. If you have never tried mascarpone cheese, allow me to give you some background. Open Next Page To Continue Reading