So, I know that there are a lot of pumpkin crunch cake recipes floating around Pinterest and the web, but I’m here to assure you of one thing. You’ve landed on the one.

This pumpkin crunch cake recipe is so good that my entire family looks forward to fall all year just to have a taste! It is OUT OF THIS WORLD…


Pumpkin Crunch Cake - This is THE pumpkin crunch cake recipe that you've been looking for. I just made these and trust me, they are out of this world. One of those pumpkin dessert recipes you'll pass down to your kids!

This pumpkin crunch cake recipe is one that my mom has been preparing as a part of our Thanksgiving dessert lineup for several years. It’s always a huge hit and we all fight over the remaining pieces in the refrigerator for the week that follows!

Wondering where we got the original pumpkin crunch cake recipe?

Well, my mom also makes candles, and she grabbed this recipe, believe it or not, from a candle supply website.

As I said, I’ve seen several versions of this recipe online, but because this one is so perfect I’ve never considered changing up the recipe.

This pumpkin crunch cake starts with a crunchy-nutty layer on top, then a slightly crumbly but moist layer below that (the cake mix) and finally a thick layer of sweet and soft pumpkin-goodness on the bottom.

Also, just so we’re clear, this isn’t really very cake-like, overall. The thickest bottom layer is mostly pumpkin and is a bit custardy or pumpkin-pie-ish (pretty sure I’ve used a lot of non-word adjectives in this article) as opposed to cakey. It’s amazing, though, trust me. Open Next Page To Continue Reading